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She said I think I’ll go to Boston

I think I’ll start it over

Where no one knows my name

Get outta California

I’m tired of the weather

and then something about flying a lover to Spain? Well…

not so much.

Plenty of people in Boston actually know my name (I’m from there) plus I could never be tired of the SoCal weather (75 and sunny every single day) but I am going to Boston!

Backstory: after I graduated from college (in Connecticut) the plan was to either to move back home to Boston or on to New York City. After weighing my options for each I started to get an itch for an adventure I hadn’t been on yet (I had worked in both Boston and NY) and in September of 2008 Jen, Lauren and I moved westward and the rest is history.

In my mind SD was not really a permanent thing and I ballparked being here for about two years. I got lucky and found a job that excited me, more friends than I thought possible 2,000 miles away from home, and family less than a mile away (Hi Michael!). But as I rounded out that two year mark I started getting antsy to head back East. So after a lot of thinking / contemplating / discussing I bit the bullet am currently in the throes of making the (scary) transition. 

I had a lot of talks with my family about how crazy and irresponsible and ridiculous it was for me to leave my job but ultimately I told them I had made up my mind and just wanted their support.

And then I woke up to a text from my mama:

And then I knew it. This is right.

Snow White has already hit the road and I’m leaving San Diego a week from tomorrow. I could not be more excited to catch up with family and friends … plus I have three years worth of home cooking to eat. 

Boston sure isn’t the last stop on the tour but here’s to the next leg of this wild journey.

Sidenote: I have immense anxiety about whether or not to keep blogging. Will my life be exciting? Will I still be (kind of) witty? Am I now a loser? I’m hoping to keep this little corner of the internet up and running but the quality of content is very much TBD so please bare with me.

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  1. artonkels said: Yay Boston!! I know you lived here before, but let me know if you need restaurant recommendations, or anything! It’s funny that you’re moving to the East coast, and I’m moving out West for school! It’s like a swap! PS…You have to keep blogging!! :)
  2. chiconthecheap said: SO exciting! We absolutely need to meet up :)
  3. kaypants said: Jo! Congrats love! I can’t wait to see you. You’ll always be funny :) Let’s chat soon. Nothing beats being close to family. Safe travels!!!
  4. keepingupwithmcjones said: how exciting!!!
  5. heyjesscole said: Congrats, Jo! Welcome back to the East Coast :) I’m sure it will welcome you with open wings and brand new stories and adventures to blog about.
  6. truebluelist said: As a fellow Californian who moved 3,000 miles away to CT, welcome back!!! I know the feeling, but if you want to do it, it will all turn out alright. Good luck!!!
  7. 09091983 said: I insist that you keep blogging. Our e-love affair has just begun! I’m excited for you and in awe of your, “LETS DO THIS!” attitude. This is absolutely an adventure and I’m stoked to follow your progress into it. :)
  8. baucomblog said: SO exciting!! And you better keep blogging. Not an option. Nope, no way.
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